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Pre-existing Conditions

A pre-existing condition is a medical illness or injury that you have before you start a new health care plan. Just about any health condition existing prior to the start of a plan could qualify, so be sure to check with your health insurance provider as each company decides what is considered a pre...

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Prescription Drug List

Is Your Medication Covered?

You can find out by calling your insurance provider and asking for your plan’s Prescription Drug List (PDL), also referred to as a formulary. A Prescription Drug List will list the most commonly prescribed medications, both brand-name and generic, that are approved by the ...

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Health Insurance Terms

The world of health insurance Is full of terms and acronyms that might have your brain buzzing. Knowing exactly what these terms mean can help you better control costs and make the most informed decisions for your health and wallet.

Let’s break down 10 common health insurance terms that you, as a hea...

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Why Do I Need Health Insurance

Your health matters, and health insurance is a piece of the puzzle when it comes to protecting your health. Health insurance is not only for those at risk. It encourages those who are already in good health to stay healthy! So, yes, even young and/or generally healthy individuals need health insuran...

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Smart Healthcare Consumerism
What does it mean to be a 'smart healthcare consumer'?

We asked our team of experts who help individuals navigate healthcare on the daily to tell us what it means to be a smart healthcare consumer.

“A smart healthcare consumer is someone who takes responsibility for their healthcare by knowing where t...

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Choosing a Primary Care Provider
There are several reasons why you might find yourself in the position of needing to seek out a new primary care provider. Have you recently changed jobs, relocated, switched health plans, or experienced some changes in your health? Whatever the reason your search has begun, choosing a care provider ...
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Healthcare Clinics

What is a Healthcare Clinic?

A Healthcare Clinic is an organized medical facility often affiliated with a hospital that offers diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive outpatient services. Healthcare clinics are a great care option for non-emergency, medical needs if you prefer an in-person visit over ...

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Prescription Medication Savings

Prescription Medication Savings

Are you frustrated with the cost of your prescription medication?

You are not alone. Surveys show that ONE in every FOUR individuals taking prescription medication have difficulty affording it. Knowing the tools available to help reduce the cost of prescription medica...

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Healthcare Claims

A healthcare claim is a request for payment that you or your doctor submit to your health insurance company after you receive care. A claim will contain unique medical codes that have been interpreted from the healthcare providers notes during your visit. Using these codes, the insurance carrier wil...

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